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The Human API platform gives you access to an individual’s full range of personal health data through a single API. We handle all authentication, user management, and data processing. We do this by retrieving user and patient data from a wide variety of health data sources, and serving the data through our REST API.

At a structural level, our architecture works like this:

  1. A user or patient authorizes your application to access his data via a popup inside your app or platform.
  2. We retrieve, process, normalize, and store all the data from the devices and services that the user or patient connects.
  3. We serve this normalized data through a wide variety of API calls for your app to ingest.

Keeping users' health data secure is our top priority. For more information about the security of our infrastructure, please see the Security page.

Furthermore, the various components of Human API, including authentication and data management are covered in detail in different sections of the documentation.

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