Source Sync Status

You can make use of the /sources endpoint to view the type and synchronization status of the services that a user has connected.


For information on keeping your database synchronized and up-to-date with Human API, please see the guide on data sync best practices.

To retrieve information on connected sources, query the /source endpoint:

The response payload is an array of the services and the synchronization properties related to each specific source:

// example response
    "id": "551ac6ef15eab1445e527c64",
    "source": "55a83bdc8d1eb1420aa1a71b",
    "sourceName": "Starfleet Medical",
    "supportedDataTypes": [
    ], // deprecated supportedDataTypes property
    "devices": [
    ], // deprecated devices property 
    "connectedSince": "2018-07-20T21:07:13.136Z",
    "historySync": {
        "status": "completed",
        "oldestDate": "2015-03-21T00:00:00.000Z"
    "organization": {
      "href": "/medical/organizations/55a83bdc8d1eb1420aa1a71b",
      "id": "55a83bdc8d1eb1420aa1a71b",
      "name": "Starfleet Medical"
    "resync" : {
      "active" : true
    "syncStatus": {
        "status": "ok",
        "details" : "ok",
        "synchedAt": "2018-07-20T21:07:13.136Z",
        "newestDate": "2018-04-20T19:06:11.151Z" // deprecated newestDate property

See our sources endpoint reference for more details about each property.

What are the different sync statuses and how can I respond to them?

Whether a user’s data is being synched for the first time or on a recurring basis, you can find information about an end user’s sync status by querying our sources endpoint. The table below identifies the key values and how your implementation should best respond to them:


New (8/3/2020) "noDataAvailable" status is now accessible

inProgressokUser’s data is actively synching.No action is required.
okokUser's most recent sync is successful at Human API.Query the API.
noDataAvailableokThe sync was successful, but data is not available at the source.No action is required.
userActionRequiredinvalidCredentialsUser’s credentials are invalid.Notify the end user to launch Connect and re-authenticate their data source.
userActionRequiredunverifiedUser's authentication was successful but there is an issue collecting downloadable data pending action at the source (e.g. they have not added their provider to the portal, an activation email link has not been used, etc).Notify the end user to complete any pending actions for their source portal and verify if their CCDs are available for download. If downloadable CCDs are not available, advise the end user to contact their healthcare provider to make that available.
userActionRequiredhas2FAUser's patient portal has two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.Notify the end user to disable the two-factor authentication momentarily, launch Human API connect to connect the records. After this they can re-enable 2FA on the patient portal.
userActionRequiredportalAccessDeniedUser's patient portal requires the user to take some actions on the portal after they have logged in to the patient portal.Notify user to independently log into their portal to resolve any outstanding tasks or issues and then return to Human API to login again.
unavailableokUser’s data is unavailable to retrieve from the source.Advise the user that their data is unretrievable. Contact Human API support for details.