Wellness API Sync Frequency

A reference for how often we sync new data from our integrated Wellness sources


Notification – near real-time data delivery. Human API continuously collects data upon receiving notifications that new data is available. Device’s local processing time may vary by source/manufacturer.

Scheduled – data delivered on pre-defined intervals as described under “Frequency.”

Sync Frequencies

Apple HealthkitDevice pushUploads at app open
Apple HealthkitScheduleHourly
FitbitNotificationBased on source
FitbitScheduledDaily (midnight UTC)
GarminNotificationBased on source
Google FitScheduledEvery 2 hours
iHealthNotificationBased on source
MapMyFitnessScheduledEvery 2 hours
MyFitnessPalScheduled30 minutes
RunKeeperScheduledTwice a day at 1:05am and 1:05pm
StravaNotificationBased on source
VitadockScheduled2 times per hour (on the hour and 30 minutes past the hour)
WithingsScheduledEvery 4 hours starting at 2:30am UTC (2:30am, 6:30am, 10:30am, 2:30pm, etc.)


Some sources sync only when needed

For integrations that rely only on notifications for sync (e.g. iHealth), Human API will update the /sources response "synchedAt" value only when a notification is ingested.