Activities are specific types of physical activities that occur during a given period of time.

Returns a list of activity segments

Returns a single activity segment

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource.
userIdString[deprecated - use humanId]
humanIdStringUnique user identifier
startTimeDateThe start time of the activity in UTC time
endTimeDateThe end time of the activity in UTC time
tzOffsetStringThe offset from UTC time in +/-hh:mm (e.g. -04:00)
typeStringThe type of activity, such as walking, running, cycling
sourceStringThe id of the originating service
durationNumberThe duration (in seconds)
distanceNumberThe distance (in meters)
**Property unavailable for MyFitnessPal. Will return 0 as default value
stepsNumberThe number of steps taken during the activity
**Property unavailable for MyFitnessPal, Strava, and Apple Health. Will return 0 as default value.
caloriesNumberThe number of estimated calories burned during the activity
**Property available for Strava only for certain activities like bike rides or virtual bike rides. Otherwise, will return 0 as default value
sourceDataObjectAdditional data from the source that does not fit into the Human API model
updatedAtDateThe time the measurement was updated on the Human API server
createdAtDateThe time the measurement was created on the Human API server
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