Get the blood glucose measurement from a specific point in time.

Returns the latest blood glucose reading

Returns all blood glucose readings

Returns a specific blood glucose reading

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource.
userIdString[deprecated - use humanId]
humanIdStringUnique user identifier
timestampDateThe original date and time of the measurement
tzOffsetStringThe offset from UTC time in +/-hh:mm (e.g. -04:00)
sourceStringThe id of the originating service
valueNumberThe value of the measurement (in mg/dL)
unitStringThe unit of the measurement value
notesStringUser-created notes
mealTagStringIndication if value was captured before/after a meal
medicationTagStringIndication if value was captured before/after taking medication
createdAtDateThe time the measurement was created on the Human API server
updatedAtDateThe time the measurement was updated on the Human API server
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