The Sources endpoint returns the synchronization status of the different sources that a specific user has connected.

Response Properties

sourceStringid of the connected source (all lowercase, no spaces)
supportedDataTypesArray[String](Deprecated) List of data types supported by the source
devicesArray[String](Deprecated) List of devices or medical source id (when available)
idStringNon-unique id for an external data account
connectedSinceDateDate that the source was connected to Human API
sourceNameStringName of medical or wellness source
historySyncObject(optional) See historySync object. Only available for medical sources
syncStatusObject(optional) See syncStatus object. Only available for medical sources
resyncObject(optional) See resync object. Only available for medical sources
organizationObjectSee organization object
expectedSyncDurationDecimal(optional) In minutes, the time-to-data for the connected medical account. Can be "null" value too.

historySync Object

statusStringStatus of the historical sync
oldestDateDateOldest date of the data retrieved from the service


For some services, "oldestDate" is just an indication of how far back the synchronization tasks attempted to retrieve data.

syncStatus Object

statusStringStatus of the most recent sync
synchedAtDateThe last time the synchronization task ran for this user
newestDateDate(Deprecated) The timestamp of the most recently retrieved data
detailsStringIdentifies details about the status property when appropriate


What are the possible syncStatus values?

For more information, please see this reference doc.

resync Object

activeBooleanIdentifies if the medical provider source in general has continuous capability (note: does not identify if this connected account will re-sync)
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