Get the medical health profile of the user. This includes observations about the user such as demographics, smoking status, alcohol use, etc.

Response Properties


HTTP response 404

The profile endpoint may return a 404 response when there is no profile data to return.

idStringThe id of the resource
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
updatedAtDateThe time the record was updated on the Human API server
createdAtDateThe time the record was created on the Human API server
demographicsObject(optional) (See demographics)
alcoholObject(optional) The user’s alcohol usage. See alcohol object.
smokingObject(optional) The user’s smoking habits. See smoking object.

Demographics Object

addressObject(See address object)
dobString(optional) The user’s date of birth e.g. "04/21/1965"
ethnicityString(optional) The ethnicity of the user e.g. "Not Hispanic of Latino"
genderString(optional) The user’s gender e.g. "male"
languageString(optional) The user’s primary language e.g. "eng"
maritalStatusString(optional) The user’s marital status (eg: “married”, “single”)
nameObject(optional) (See name object)
raceString(optional) The user’s race e.g. "White"
ethnicityCodesArray[Object](optional) CDC Race & Ethnicity and SNOMED CT Ethnicity codes: See codes
maritalStatusCodesString(optional) SNOMED CT Marital status codes: see codes object
genderCodesString(optional) SNOMED CT Gender codes: See codes

Address Object

cityString(optional) City of address e.g. "SAN FRANCISCO"
countryString(optional) Country of address e.g. "US"
stateString(optional) State of address e.g. "CA"
streetArray[String](optional) Street of address e.g. ["156 22ND AVE NW"]
zipString(optional) Zip of address e.g. "94123"

Alcohol Object

useString(optional) The user’s alcohol usage e.g. “yes”, “no”
codesArray[Object](optional) SNOMED CT Alcohol use codes: See codes


statusStringThe user’s smoking status (e.g. “Never Smoker”)
codesArray[Object]SNOMED CT Smoking use codes: See codes