Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting your health data through Human API

Q. Is my data secure with Human API?
HumanAPI is HIPAA-compliant service, meaning it meets or exceeds U.S. government standards for medical data security, akin to those employed by national banks.

Q. Who has access to my data and for how long?
The philosophy behind Human API is that you, the consumer, are always in control of your data. Therefore Human API will never share your data with any other party unless you explicitly indicate you want to.

In this case, by authenticating to your provider(s) via Human API, you are explicitly authorizing Human API to retrieve your health data on your behalf and make it available to you, only for as long as you want.

Q. What kind of information will Human API have access to?
The information contained in your connected data sources varies by type and provider; your healthcare provider’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system likely contains details on encounters, conditions, medications, test results, immunizations, etc.

Q. If I don’t have a profile for my medical records, how do I get one?
You can create an online profile at your provider’s portal. If you have located your provider in Human API’s service, you can look up the portal URL by clicking Register/Help button.

Q. Can I revoke access?
Yes you can disconnect your data at any time by emailing [email protected] and requesting to have your account terminated and data disconnected.

Q. If I feel there is a discrepancy or error in my EHR/EMR, how do I dispute that?
Human API retrieves your medical records from your provider’s portal, they do not modify any data. If you feel there is discrepancy or error in your data contact your provider directly to have the data corrected.

Q. Does Human API support Dentists?
Human API currently does not support Dentists.

Q. What if my provider is not supported?
If your provider is not supported you cannot connect your health data at this time.

Q. Will I get a copy of my medical record?
If you'd like to see the data you connected, sign up for My Human API in Connect experience.

Q. What username and password should I enter to connect my provider
You should enter the username and password you use on your provider’s portal to access your medical account. Any other credentials will not work.

Q. I visit more than one medical provider, can I connect multiple providers?
Yes you can connect multiple providers, just click the “Add new connection” button after you've added your first source, then repeat the initial process to connect another provider.