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What is Human API?

This section covers the components of Human API and how it works.

Looking for our wellness apps documentation?

Please navigate to our 2.1 documentation if you are interested in integrating wellness applications.

Human API is a platform that allows users to securely share their health data with developers of health applications and systems. Our network includes data recorded by medical records from hospitals, test results from labs, medications from pharmacies, financial data from claims and more.

Human API takes care of the data integrations with third party data sources and user management for your identities across all data sources. We also work to normalize the data over a secure, HIPAA compliant, RESTful API.

Core Components

  • A fast growing list of data sources
  • Connect, a component to authenticate users' health data from all sources
  • Data API, a unified, normalized API to manage users' health data
  • Human API Portal to manage and view connections, and access data

Let's examine each in detail and how they work together

Provider Network

Human API partners and works with a wide variety of medical data sources from hospitals, providers, labs, pharmacies and more. This ecosystem of data sources provides the building blocks of data on which Human API developers can build their applications.

Medical data sources

Medical data sources


Human API provides a simple way for you to authenticate your users' health data from anywhere within our data source network. When you integrate our authentication process into your web or mobile application, your users will be prompted with a popup to grant your application access to their health data. The process of integrating Connect is straightforward and fast.

Connect search

Connect search

Normalized API

Human API pulls in, cleans up, structures, and normalizes all of this health data and provides a unified API for your backend to query. We give you a secure token for the user's records, which you can use like a key to query the data they have provided you with.

API reference

API reference

Human API Portal

Human API Portal allows you to invite people to share their health data and view a profile for everyone who is sharing data with you that includes the status of their connections, an interactive timeline view of their health data sources and the ability to download their health data.

Portal for administrators and developers

Portal for administrators and developers

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