Order Guidelines

When you file a request to retrieve medical records, we are able to attempt a retrieval using very minimal input from you (at least a unique id and email). However, our ability to leverage a variety of sources is commensurate with the information you supply initially. For example, we need the end user’s social security number before we reach out to EMR partners or HIEs.

As a general rule, try to supply all the information available to you at the time you send a request to our API. For more nuances, you can refer to the table below, which classifies the criticality of each request attribute for each type of integration in our network.

  • N/A : Field not used for the specific network channel/vendor
  • Optional : The network channel doesn’t require this field but we may use it if supplied to optimize hit rate or improve the user experience.
  • Required : The network channel requires this field at least for some orders.
Patient PortalsDirect EMRHIEsAPS vendors
firstName OptionalRequiredRequiredRequired
middleName OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
lastName OptionalRequiredRequiredRequired
dateOfBirth OptionalRequiredRequiredRequired
gender OptionalRequiredRequiredRequired
ssn N/ARequiredRequiredRequired
phone OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
address OptionalRequiredRequiredRequired
providers OptionalOptionalOptionalRequired
attachments N/ARequiredRequiredRequired