Cancelling Orders

To stop the process of data retrieval for user from your Human API Application, send a POST request with your client token to the actions endpoint.

Cancelling order will also stop notifications, and remove any subscriber for that order.

Request Parameters

Only one of either of the unique identifiers (clientUserId or humanId) is required. If both are supplied the request will be rejected.

clientUserIdThe clientUserId value sent while submitting the order.
humanIdThe humanId value received after
actionSet the value to "abort"

Example of the request

POST /api/v1/users/actions HTTP/1.1 
Content-Type: application/json
Cache-Control: no-cache
Authorization: Bearer your-client-token


Response Codes

202We have received your request to cancel the order.
400If post parameters are missing or are incorrect
404The resource id (humanId/clientUserId) is not found, or was disabled.
409Conflict -- the order is in a state where it canโ€™t be cancelled. (Currently, a completed or cancelled state blocks this)
429Too many requests

Example of response - 202 ACCEPTED



A successful request returns a status code 202, does not include a response body.