Integration Overview

Integration Overview

We've provided some guides to help get you up and running as quickly as possible, and we're excited to have you aboard. What follows is a technical explanation of Health Intelligence Platform (HIP) integration process.

Integration for placing orders with Human API's Health Intelligence Platform involves 5 primary steps

  • Authentication
  • Creating an Order
  • Checking Order status
  • Managing tasks
  • Downloading records

This is page is intended to be both a tutorial and a reference guide. While this guide does not list all possible features, it should give a good overview of the principal functionality.


  • You have an active client application and you have access to the Human API Portal.
  • You have a status and task notification endpoints setup (optional but recommended).

If you don’t have one of the above, or you’re not sure, please get in touch with our support engineers ([email protected]). We’re happy to help.

Setting Up Your Access Credentials

First, you'll need credentials for the Portal. Please contact your sales representative at Human API for a set. If you do not know your sales representative, please contact [email protected] to perform your request. Your contact at Human API must create applications on your behalf.

An application in Human API is a container that holds users and their data, and allows for custom configuration options. Above all, it is the main pipeline that you will integrate directly with your application.

Each application has a specific set of keys found on the application's settings page that you'll need for development, as described below:

Client IDUnique ID of the application container
Client SecretSecret value for the application container


Secure Values

Your Client Secret should be kept securely on your server. For developer support requests, please send along your Client ID only. We will never ask you to provide your Client Secret.

Now that you have access credentials through the Portal, everything is in place for you to get started submitting your first order.

Available APIs

In addition to the Portal, we provide three APIs through which you are additionally able to manage your integration:

ScopeEndpoint URLDescription
Administrationadmin.humanapi.coAdmin API
Automate administrative features, such as managing users and application settings
Authenticationauth.humanapi.coAuthentication Service
Provides primitives for identity and session management to access other services

API Conventions

  • All the API endpoints are accessible through HTTPS only.
  • All the calls must be authenticated.
  • Resource locators, Resource identifiers and data attributes are case sensitive.
  • Dates are formatted with respect to ECMA-262 ( a simplification of ISO 8601 Extended Format) as follows : YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ
  • The request and response content-type is application/json unless otherwise specified.