Reports API

The Reports API is intended for real time use to get reports for a single order. Rate limits are set to 10 API calls/minute.

If you need to retrieve a large number of reports for historical orders, please coordinate with your CS representative or reach out to [email protected]

For further details about how to use the API review the API Reference documentation.

Response Payload

List of Reports

The reports API returns a list of reports in the form of an array of objects.

namestringName of the report. See report types
baseReportNamesArray of strings(Optional) Array of names of the reports included in a combined report.

This property is only present when the name of the report is "combined"
reportsArray of Report ObjectsList of report objects. See Reports Object.

Reports Object

idstringUnique identifier for the report.
Value is a uuid for new generation reports, or a hash for legacy reports.
fileExtensionstringFile extension. One of json, pdf, html or any future supported formats.
createdAttimestampTime at which the report was compiled.
uristringURI to fetch the binary or raw files.

Report by ID

The response to a valid report by id request is the report itself. It can be a json, or a binary depending on the report type.