Demo Data

Work with demo data to get started quickly

To help you get started quickly with Human API, we provide a demo data set that is similar to what you will get from a user. This demo data is based on anonymous personal data that we’ve collected.

We provide a demo token that allows you to query the API directly from your application without having to onboard real users or authenticate real data sources. Any stream that is currently available can be queried and the data will change over time (just like it would with a real user).

Accessing Demo Data in the API

To start playing with demo data just use demo as a token instead of a real access token like so:

As a Bearer Token:

-H "Authorization: Bearer demo"

Filtering Demo Data by Source

If you would like to see a payload returned from a specific source, you can use the source query parameter like so:

// this is an example--does not return data

Don't have a user account for a specific source?

Although you can use the demo token as described above to pull demo data from our servers, in order to see the end-to-end authentication flow you must log in with user credentials in Connect.

We make fictional accounts accessible just like any other account. Follow these steps to connect a fictional account.

  1. First launch Connect
  2. When you are prompted to search for a data source, search for Starfleet Medical or Starfleet Pharma.
  3. Use demouser and password as the login credentials

The fictional accounts will have the following datatypes:

  • Encounters
  • Medications
  • Narratives
  • Problems
  • Test Results
  • Vitals
  • CCDs

For more information about these datatypes, please visit our medical API reference.