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The Medical API provides access to user’s medical records from healthcare providers. In this section you will see some common objects to many of the Medical API endpoints.


The codes Array[Object] provides code objects with specific classifications from medical coding systems (when available).

codeString(optional) Medical code
codeSystemString(optional) The identifier of the code system that the code belongs to
codeSystemNameString(optional) The name of the code system that the code belongs to
inferredBoolean(optional) Set to true if this code was inferred. If unset, this code was present in the source data
nameStringThe name of the code

Organization Object

idStringThe id of the organization
nameStringThe name of the organization
hrefStringHuman API organizations endpoint URL to retrieve full details

Name Object

prefixString(optional) The title of the provider e.g. "MD"
givenArray[String]Name values associated with the provider e.g. ["Travis", "R"]
familyString(optional) Family name of the provider e.g. "Liddell"


What are "organizations"?

See organizations for more information.


What is "(optional)"?

Some descriptions for response properties are marked as "(optional)". This indicates that the property may be omitted from the API response.