Activities are specific types of physical activities that occur during a given period of time.

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource.
userIdString[deprecated - use humanId]
humanIdStringUnique user identifier
startTimeDateThe start time of the activity in UTC time
endTimeDateThe end time of the activity in UTC time
tzOffsetStringThe offset from UTC time in +/-hh:mm (e.g. -04:00)
typeStringThe type of activity, such as walking, running, cycling
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
durationNumberThe duration in seconds
distanceNumberThe distance in meters
stepsNumberThe number of steps taken during the activity
caloriesNumberThe number of estimated calories burned during the activity
sourceDataObjectAdditional data from the source that does not fit into the Human API model
timeSeriesObjectTime series of data such as heart rate, gps location, distance, etc.

Query Parameters

time_seriesAdd the query parameter time_series=true to retrieve the time series data if available.

The timeSeries object can have multiple embedded objects. Examples of possible objects include properties such as “heartRate”, “gps”, and “distance”.
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