Get a list of medical medications the user has had so far

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
updatedAtDateThe time the record was updated on the Human API server
createdAtDateThe time the record was created on the Human API server
instructionsString(optional) The instructions provided for the medication (e.g. ‘Take 1 tablet by mouth daily.’)
detailsObject(optional) Parsed dosage and instruction information (see below)
genericProductIndicatorString(optional) Generic Product Identifier of the medication
patientObject(optional) Patient information (“name” and other optional attributes)
nameString(optional) The name of the medication (e.g. 'Cyanocobalamin (VITAMIN B12 PO)’)
providerString(optional) The name of the provider - if available (e.g. 'Jacob Smith, MD’, 'Outside Provider’, 'Unknown’)
providerIDString(optional) The id of the provider
ndcCodeString(optional) The National Drug Code of the medication (if provided)
productNameString(optional) The product name of the medication - if provided (e.g. 'zolpidem’, 'gabapentin’, 'aspirin’)
commonBrandNameString(optional) The common brand name of the medication - if provided (e.g. 'NORCO’, 'XANAX’, 'NEURONTIN’)
dosageInfoString(optional) The dosage information - if provided (e.g. '10 MG tablet’, '100 UNIT/ML injection’, '5mg Tab’)
pharmacyObject(optional) Pharmacy information - if provided (see pharmacy below)
organizationObject(optional) See organizations object
expirationDate(optional) The expiration date of the medication - if provided
refillsRemainingNumber(optional) The number of refills remaining - if available
refillsTotalNumber(optional) The total number of refills - if available
statusString(optional) Prescription status for a medication - if available (e.g. 'Active’, 'On Hold’)
startDateDate(optional) Start date of the medication
endDateDate(optional) End date of the medication
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes
prescriptionNumberString(optional) Code that is assigned to the medication to help identify it

Pharmacy Object

idStringThe id of the resource
nameString(optional) The name of the pharmacy
addressString(optional) The address of the pharmacy
phoneString(optional) The phone number of the pharmacy
hoursString(optional) The opening hours of the pharmacy

Details Object

dosageObject(optional) The 'form’ and 'value’ of a dosage if applicable e.g. "dosage": {"form: "capsule", "value": "3"}
frequencyObject(optional) The frequency that the medication should be taken e.g. "frequency": {"number": "1", "unit": "day"}
routeString(optional) The route the medication is taken e.g. "route": "enteral_oral"
strengthObject(optional) The strength of the dosage e.g. "strength": {"number": "100, "unit": "mg"}