Get a list of medical encounters the user has had so far

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
updatedAtDateThe time the record was updated on the Human API server
createdAtDateThe time the record was created on the Human API server
dateTimeDate(optional) The date of the encounter
visitTypeString(optional) The type of visit
providerObject(optional) The provider for the encounter (see provider object)
prescriptionsArray[Object](optional) A list of prescriptions provided during the encounter (see link object)
diagnosesArray[Object](optional) A list of diagnoses for the encounter (see link object)
vitalsObject(optional) Vitals captured during the encounter (e.g. {"temperature" : 95.2 [degF]","weight" : 180 [lb_av]","height" : "69 [in_us]"})
vitalSignsArray[Object](optional) A list of vital signs from the encounter (see link object)
reasonsArray[String](optional) A list of reasons for the encounter (e.g. [‘Follow-up’, 'Consult’, 'DYSPHONIA', 'Back Pain’])
ordersArray[Object](optional) A list of medication orders for the patient (see orders object)
testResultsArray[Object](optional) A list of test results for the patient (see link object)
plansOfCareArray[Object](optional) A list of plans of care from the encounter (see link object)
medicationsArray[Object](optional) A list of medications used by the patient. Objects in array can have some or many of the properties of medications. Common properties are "name", "productName", "startDate", "endDate", "instructions".
followUpInstructionsString(optional) Follow-up instructions
patientInstructionObject(optional) Patient information (“name” and other optional attributes)
organizationObject(optional) See organizations object
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes

Orders Object

nameString(optional) The name of the order
codeTypeString(optional) The code type of the order (e.g. “CPT( R )”, “Custom”)
expectedDateDate(optional) The date the order is expected
expireDateDate(optional) The date the order expires
procedureCodeString(optional) The procedure code of the order
typeString(optional) The type of the order (e.g. “Lab”, “Procedures”)
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes

Provider Object

nameString(optional) Name of the provider
departmentNameString(optional) Name of the provider department
addressString(optional) Address of the provider

Link Object

nameStringName of the data element
hrefStringAPI path to the full data object