Get a list of medical lab results for a user.

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
updatedAtDateThe time the record was updated on the Human API server
createdAtDateThe time the record was created on the Human API server
componentsArray[Object]A list of components of the test (See component below)
nameStringThe name of the test preformed e.g. ‘COMPREHENSIVE METABOLIC PANEL’, 'LIPID PANEL’, 'URINE CULTURE’
deviceString(optional) Device name Note: presence of this value is rare
patientObjectPatient information (“name” and other optional attributes)
specimenString(optional) Specimen related to the procedure Note: presence of this value is rare
orderedByString(optional) The name of the ordering physician or entity
recipientsArray[Object](optional) See recipient object Note: presence of this value is rare
resultDateTimeDate(optional) The date of the test result
statusString(optional) The status of the test result (e.g. 'Final result’, 'Edited’, 'Edited Result - FINAL’)
allResultsArray[Object][Deprecated] Use components instead
commentsString(optional) Comments for the test result
narrativeString(optional) Narrative for the test result
impressionString(optional) Impression for the test result
transcriptionsString(optional) Transcriptions for the test result
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes

Component Object

nameString(optional) The name of the test component (e.g. 'Potassium’, 'MCHC’, 'MCV’)
valueString(optional) The test result value
unitString(optional) The unit of the value - e.g. 'mg/dL’, ’%’, 'mmol/L’
lowString(optional) The low value for the component
highString(optional) The high value for the component
refRangeString(optional) The reference range for the value - if provided (e.g. 'Negative’, ’>60’, ’<150’)
componentCommentsString(optional) Comments provided for the component
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes

Recipient Object

objectIDStringThe id of the recipient e.g. "856983"
nameString(optional) The name of the recipient
isPCPBoolean(optional) Indicates if the provider is the Primary Care Provider of the user e.g. true
recipTemplateString(optional) The recipient template e.g. 'WPMessageRecipientTemplateUnknown’