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If you are interested in using the Wellness API, please contact our Sales Team here for more information: https://www.humanapi.co/request-call

The Wellness API provides a standardized way to get data from a variety of wellness sources.

Common Record Properties

Regardless of the type, most wellness data records have a few standard properties:

idStringThe id of the record
humanIdStringUnique Human API user identifier
sourceStringThe name of the originating source (all lowercase, no spaces)
sourceDataStringUnique properties from a source that do not fit the main data model
createdAtDateThe time the record was created on the Human API server
updatedAtDateThe time the record was updated on the Human API server

If you have not already, we highly recommend reading the Patterns and Conventions to familiarize yourself with how to filter for these parameters so you only get the data that you need. In general, data records contain information from the data source that has been normalized to standard units and parameters. Any source specific information will be passed through via the optional sourceData object.

For the full documentation including step-by-step implementation guides and information on data sources, see the Web Guide.

Wellness Network

The wellness network indicates what applications or sources Human API has integrations with. In addition, it advises which datatypes are available with respect to the sources.

Wellness network