Get a list of daily activity summaries reported by the data sources.

Returns a list of activity summaries

Returns a single activity summary

Returns a single activity summary by date

Response Properties

idStringThe id of the resource
userIdString[deprecated - use humanId]
humanIdStringUnique user identifier
dateDateThe date of the activity (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
durationNumberThe duration in seconds
distanceNumberThe distance in meters
stepsNumberThe number of steps taken during the activity
vigorousNumberThe number of minutes of vigorous activity
moderateNumberThe number of minutes of moderate activity
lightNumberThe number of minutes of light activity
sedentaryNumberThe number of minutes of sedentary activity
caloriesNumberThe number of estimated calories burned during the activity
sourceDataObjectAdditional data from the source that does not fit into the Human API model.
createdAtDateThe time the activity was created on the Human API server
updatedAtDateThe time the activity was updated on the Human API server
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