Get the user’s vitals readings

Response Properties

idStringThe Id of the resource
sourceStringThe name of the originating service
updatedAtDateThe time the record was updated on the Human API server
createdAtDateThe time the record was created on the Human API server
nameString(optional) Name representing the set of vitals
dateTimeString(optional) The date of the vitals reading
authorString(optional) The name of the vitals reading author (e.g. doctor)
codesArray[Object](optional) A list of all codes. See codes object
resultsArray[Object](optional) A list of all results. See results object
ccdObjectSee CCD object
organizationObjectSee organizations object

Results Object

nameString(optional) The name of the test component e.g. ‘HEIGHT’, 'WEIGHT’, 'BODY TEMPERATURE’
valueString(optional) The test result value
unitString(optional) The unit of the value - if provided e.g. 'kg’, ’%’, 'Cel’
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes
normalizedNameString(optional) The normalized name of the measurement e.g. "Body Mass Index (BMI)"
rawObject(optional) Un-normalized content as represented from the source. See raw object
valuesArray[Object](optional) Array of objects containing values, which are converted into standard units. Useful for showing data on a graph, or performing math functions.

CCD Object

idStringId of the CCD
hrefStringURL to retrieve CCD details

Raw object

valueString(optional) Value of the result
unitString(optional) Unit of the result
nameString(optional) Name of the result
codesArray[Object](optional) See codes

Value object

valueFloat(optional) Value of result
unitString(optional) Unit of result