After you have created an application in the Human API [Developer Portal](🔗), you can manage some of the application's data using the Application API endpoints. These endpoints enable you to update and delete users, as well as query the user's data using the [batch query](🔗) endpoints.

The base URL for the Application API is below, where the `clientId` is the application/client id for your application from the Developer Portal.

## Authorization

The Application API uses a special `App Key` that is generated when you create an application. All the application-level resources are authenticated using Basic Authentication with your `App Key` as username and a blank password. Make sure you include the ":" after the username to avoid being asked to enter a password.

# Curl Example

# Basic Auth Header Example

You can also use a Basic Authorization header to authenticate calls to the Application API. To do so, you will need to **Base64 encode** the `<AppKey>:` Please note that you must include the `:` at the end of the key before encoding.

For more information about working with the Application API see:

  • [Managing Users](🔗)

  • [Batch Queries](🔗)