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# Functionality

Both parts of the API are _**functionally the same**_. This means that much of the documentation that you find here will apply to both, including:

  • User Authentication with [Human Connect](🔗)

  • Data API [Retrieval Patterns](🔗)

  • Keeping data in sync with [Notifications](🔗)

Additionally, all data from Human API is encrypted both while in transit and at rest. See the [Security](🔗) for more information.

# Data Availability

The main difference between each type of data is where the data comes from. **Wellness** data often comes directly from wearable devices or apps maintained by the end-user as detailed on the [Data Network](🔗) , whereas **Medical** data comes directly from thousands of disparate healthcare providers and clinics.

As a result, there are some best practices and design considerations to be made for each as detailed on the [Data Availability and Design](🔗) page.

# Accessing Either Data Type

If you are interested in adding functionality of either data type to your account, email us at [[email protected]](🔗).