## Selecting Data Sources


You can choose the data sources displayed in the Human Connect popup for each application you create. To do this, visit the "Data inputs" section of your application, select the data sources you want to integrate with, and click "Update". The next time you launch the Human Connect popup it will include only those sources you selected.

## Localization

The Human Connect popup can be served in a number of different languages based on an optional parameter `options.language` supplied to `HumanConnect.open(options)`. The default is English (`en`)

Today we support the languages listed below. If you would like to add an additional language, please [send us an email](🔗).

LanguageParam Value
Portuguese (Brazilian)`pt-BR`
Chinese (Simplified)`zh-CN`

## Modal View


Connect modal

You can render Connect as a centered modal window by setting the `options.modal` parameter to `1` before rendering the popup.

## Data Type

By default, when you enable Medical Records, Connect will show a search interface. If you would also like to display Connect as a list for Wellness data sources, you can pass the following into `HumanConnect.open`:

Wellness Source Search

Wellness sources are still available via search query when using the Medical search interface.