What are tasks?

In some cases, we’ll have to suspend the processing of an order when we need additional information or a decision to be made. When that occurs, We create tasks and notify you, then wait until they are resolved.

A task encapsulates a distinct action that needs to be accomplished by a human operator (or a software system) to resume the order processing.

Below, the cases when Human API will create a task and notify you (or other parties):

  • HumanAPI is missing information typically supplied at the creation of an order (applicant demographics or a HIPAA Authorization)
  • The healthcare provider requires a custom HIPAA authorization to be signed by the user
  • The disclosing entity will charge an additional fee to release the medical records.
  • A provider or data vendor has a clarifying question about the request (such as "This provider has moved to a different address, would you like us to request records from their new facility?")

A task can be resolved by supplying the required input or documents within the allotted time. You can read more about how to resolve tasks later in this section.

When do you need to track tasks?

The order status will indicate if the order is "Pended", meaning there is an outstanding task. Tracking the tasks will let you know if there is anything you can do to unblock the retrieval process.

How to track tasks?

We’ll make the task details available in realtime. Currently we support:

  • Push notifications (webhooks) : HAPI makes a HTTP call to your endpoint when a task is open or resolved.
  • Email Notifications: Emails can be sent directly to the end-user (for tasks such as signing a HIPAA
    Authorization) or can be sent to “subscribers” listed for a given order. Work with your assigned Customer Success Representative to approve the email copy used for email notifications.



There is no mechanism at this time to poll for a list of outstanding tasks for a user.