Data Types


User Device Data

Data from user devices and apps including:
activity & sleep tracking, blood measurements, diet, height, weight, and more.


Both parts of the API are functionally the same. This means that much of the documentation that you find here will apply to both, including:

Additionally, all data from Human API is encrypted both while in transit and at rest. See the Security for more information.

Data Availability

The main difference between each type of data is where the data comes from. Wellness data often comes directly from wearable devices or apps maintained by the end-user as detailed on the Data Network , whereas Medical data comes directly from thousands of disparate healthcare providers and clinics.

As a result, there are some best practices and design considerations to be made for each as detailed on the Data Availability and Design page.

Accessing Either Data Type

If you are interested in adding functionality of either data type to your account, email us at [email protected].